A new website design for an old charity

How can you use a new website design to reach a younger audience and keep your older audience engaged?

Client: The Church's Ministry among Jewish People

Agency: Freelance

Service: Website design

Project Completed: 2016

The Brief

Left in the lurch by the collapse of an old website, The Church’s Ministry among Jewish People needed a new website designed and built as quickly as possible. It needed to be able to connect with their existing supporter base, whilst providing the means to grow and connect with a younger more tech-savvy generation.

The Results

A rare clean slate

With the withdrawal of their old website, and only limited analytics to use in my research, I worked closely with the team at CMJ to develop an understanding of their needs and hopes for the new website. From this, I designed a clearly structured website that encompassed a calendar of events, online shop, blog, and a resources/media section.

Phased rollout

With the website structure and visual style established the CMJ team and I established an order of priority for the build of the site. Since their old site had been removed by a previous agency, time was of the essence to get a new website established and give the charity a voice on the internet.

Solid platform

With all the sections of the site completed in 2016, I’m now working with CMJ to build and evolve the website design and functionality. The initial design has allowed for a flexible approach to do this in a way that is logical and doesn’t alienate those familiar with the site.

Screenshot of the new website design for CMJ UK
A new website design detail shot of an events category page.
Detail shot of the about pages on the new website design for CMJ UK
A new website design for CMJ UK communicating their 3 tent poles

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