Identity design of a 100 year old college

With over 100 years of history, how do you update a well-known identity design to help you move forward for the next ten years?

Client: Redcliffe College

Agency: Freelance

Service: Identity Design

Project Completed: 2015

The Brief

With an identity design that had served them well from the start of the ’00s, Redcliffe College needed to update their visual identity to help them move forward for the next ten years. The college was undergoing a major transition in the way it taught students, because of this they needed a flexible identity to last the next ten years.

The Results

An evolution of the old

Working with the marketing team at Redcliffe College we developed a strong understanding of how the college was viewed by prospective students, existing students, and the staff team. The college needed to reaffirm their credentials as an institution that maintains high levels of expertise and knowledge. We found that the logo they had been using for the last ten years had built a strong relationship with everyone who had a connection with the college. For this reason, we decided to build on that level of recognition and I worked to develop a contemporary and clean design to help achieve this.

the new Redcliffe College identity design
the new Redcliffe College Cross-cultural Mission Training identity design variant
the new Redcliffe College Leadership identity design variant
the new Redcliffe College Member Care identity design variant
the new Redcliffe College Linguistics, Translation and Literacy identity design variant
Redcliffe College special identity

A good designer listens to what his clients is looking for and interprets their needs in fresh and exciting ways. Phil did this when he helped Redcliffe rebrand, coming up with a contemporary and eyecatching design which readily communicates the direction and focus of the College.

Jo Appleton, Marketing Director, Redcliffe College

A photo of the cover of a prospectus to show the new Redcliffe College identity in action.

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